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Who We Are

TaleSpinner Minis is a subsidiary of Pieper Endeavors, LLC through which I, Andrew Pieper, market my sculptures and paintings. I am dedicated to the creation of high-quality sculpts for the miniature gaming, painting, and role-playing communities. I focus on creating realistic sculptures. It is my goal to provide sculpts of creatures and peoples which one could easily imagine in a real world setting. Most of all, I want to provide fun and enjoyment to those who will ultimately paint and play with my creations.

I am also committed to helping the miniature community grow and prosper. To that end. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with the miniature community when I can through tutorials, my blog, forum discussions, and directly at conferences and via e-mail.

Please Note: Most of the painted figures seen on this site are examples of my painting, but are sculpts created by other very talented sculptors.  To see my currently released sculpts, refer to the Sculpts section in my Gallery.


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