Occulus, The Eye Beast

Mfgr: Troll Forged Miniatures (expected release in 2013)               Sculptor: Andrew Pieper (Me)

Awards: Gold in the Open division, ReaperCon 2013

Material: Resin

Year Painted: 2012

I was really fun painting my own sculpt, though I often found myself cursing the sculptor over some hard to paint area only to stop and realize I'm to blame.  I can't wait until these go into production as I really want to paint a red toned one some day.  This one was done as a gift for a close friend who helped me figure out how to handle taxes with my new business. For more, visit the Sculpting page for images of the sculpted green.



Charnel Grub

Mfgr: Reaper Miniatures               Sculptor: Jason Wiebe

Material: Pewter

Year Painted: 2009

I decided I wanted to paint a mini with a lot of color, and this is the result.




Mfgr: Reaper Miniatures               Sculptor: Sandra Garrity

Material: Pewter

Year Painted: 2009

This is one of my favorite miniatures.  This one made it into the Cool Mini or Not Annual Year Book for 2009.



Moor Hound

Mfgr: Reaper Miniatures               Sculptor: Ben Siens

Material: Pewter

Year Painted: Unsure, probably around 2004

I painted this guy in only 4 hours.  I use it as a troll hound.