2012 Sculpts

Coraline Thaddington, Reaper Miniatures

Coraline is my first human/humanoid mini.  I am not certain why I chose to start with a Victorian lady in a bustle gown as my first attempt at sculpting a person, but I think some sort of temporary insanity may have been involved.  She is sculpted on a Reaper dollie.  The dollie needed a lot of modifications to make it work for this sculpt, especially the arms as they were too thick to handle her fine bone structure. I sculpted her over the course of several months in 2012.  I had to rework many things on her before I had her just right.  I also consulted over 50 photo sources I found on the internet and had input from at least 10 friends and Reaper before she was finished.  I actually re-made her head and face thirteen times before I was happy with it, which prompted me to take a class on sculpting faces from Bobby Jackson at ReaperCon.  The class must have helped because I just sculpted 4 heads a couple weeks ago for another project and they came out great with little re-work.

I wish I could take credit for the great name, but that was Reaper's doing, and I couldn't be more pleased.  By the way, if you are looking to purchase this mini, she was released for general sale in Reaper's Chronoscope line in May of 2014

Originally, I had intended to sculpt her only with the arm with the fan.  When I realized that this arm would need to be a second piece for casting, I decided to do a second optional arm holding a Derringer pistol. I also added an optional mini top hat so those who wish to could add it to give her a bit more of a steam-punk feel.



Wyvern, Reaper Miniatures

I started sculpting this miniature in January of 2012. It actually went through a few iterations, as I had originally sculpted the wings too thin and fragile for casting and so had to start over on them.


In my Pathfinder campaign, I was using a lot of drakes and wanted a new drake mini.  As I designed this one, I tried to make a mini that could be used both as a wyvern or as a stand in for any of the drakes.  The spiked tail should be easily modified to remove the spikes if desired.  For some reason I have always loved wyverns and use them frequently in my games.  It was a lot of fun to be able to design and create my own.  The pose I took from a picture of a golden eagle that was attacking a rabbit.  I realized that this would also be the likely hunting technique of a wyvern, not the sting first pose often seen in other wyvern art.  Even scorpions do not sting first; instead, they grasp and immobilize their prey with their pincers and then sting.



Iron Cobra, Reaper Miniatures

This is an iron cobra sculpt that I sculpted after losing a bet to my son.