2013 Sculpts


Dungeon Decor

For Reaper's Kickstarter II, I sculpted a series of dungeon decor items.  If you missed the KickStarter, these items will be available from Reaper sometime in 2015.



Giant Cobras

I created a pair of giant cobras for Dr. Mike Burns's line of Egyptian themed miniatures which were featured in hs successful Indegogo campaign this past Winter.



 Red Caps (For Sale: Inquire at TaleSpinnerMinis@Yahoo.com)

I sculpted this trio of Red Caps based on the mythology of the borderlands of Britain and Scotland.  Red caps are nasty little fey creatures that dip their hats in human blood to dye them red.  They also always wear steel boots.  The rest of their equipment tends to be scavenged from the battle sites where they live. I tried to stick with both Scottish and English attire for them. The one guy bending over is dipping his hat in blood spattered on the stones.



Dobermans, Strahd and Belle, Private Commission

A friend on the Reaper forums hired me to sculpt her two undocked doberman pincers, Strahd and Belle.