2015 Sculpts


Farm Animals, Reaper Miniatures

I sculpted a set of farm animals for Reaper Miniatures.  The set includes a Cow, a Pig, and a Goat. As much as possible, I tried to model them off of breeds that would have typified the animals in the late middle ages in Europe.



Camel, Reaper Miniatures

I sculpted a camel with removable pack for Reaper Miniatures' Bones III Kickstarter.  A bit of trivia: I was extremely ill while sculpting this figure, having had a bad reaction to some medicine, but I still got it done by the deadline.



Giant Crab, Dragon Bait Minis

The fish guy in the pictures is not mine but included for scale.



Dolphins, Reaper Miniatures



Amphisbaena, Plinth, and Brazier, Dark Fable Miniatures



Cornellius Dapperbear, Private Project

I sculpted this tiny guy for a friend.



Ugallu, Dark Fable Miniatures



Torture Chamber, Reaper Miniatures