Charnel Grub

Everyone knows me as the brown guy. I tend toward a lot of earth tones in my minis, especially the brown shades. I decided at this point to take on a mini with almost no brown in it. I wanted color.

The Charnel Grub had been sitting on my bench for a while and I thought that it would be a nice break between the chimera and doing something else more challenging.

I wanted to paint it in the classic D&D carrion crawler style. The original text describes them as giant green cutworms. I wanted mine to end up looking more like a giant green mutant cecropia/luna/polyphemus moth caterpillar.

The following are a few of the reference shots I used for this mini:

Hour 1

First hour painting.

This hour I did the following:

  1. Base coated the body in 2.5 coats of Leaf Green.
  2. Base coated the tentacles in a mix of 3 Leaf Green/1 Sunlight Yellow
  3. Base coated the stone floor and slime in 4 Stormy Grey/1 Woodstain Brown

Grub back.

Note that I did not add an extra base to this one. I had intended to put it on a cavalry base, but in the end I decided that that was overkill.

 Hour 2

In this hour, all I did was work on the highlights. I started out with Leaf Green/Pale Green followed by Pale Green on the body. I closed out the hour by adding Pale Green/Sunlight Yellow to the sides and lower lumps.

Grub, hour 2 front

Grub, hour 2 back

Hour 3

 OK, it was a bit ugly at this point. The back lumps were mostly done, having been taken up to white. The sides and eyes/shield thing were only about half done. The tentacles and base were barely started yet. 

This is what I call the ugly stage where I know where I am going, but it probably looks like crap to you right now. 

Hour 3 back

I spent most of the hour highlighting in the following progression onto the back:

  1. 2 Pale Green/2 Ashen Blue
  2. The above + 2 Ashen Blue
  3. The above + 2 Ashen Blue and 2 Pure White
  4. The above + 2 Ashen Blue and 2 Pure White
  5. The above + 3 Pure White
  6. The above + 4 Pure White
  7. Pure White

Then I added a layer of Pale Green/3 Sunlight Yellow to the sides and around the mouth.

Hour 3 front


Hours 4 & 5

 In hour four, I kept highlighting the sides and spiracles, taking them to Sunlight Yellow. Then I did the centers of them in Phoenix Red, and highlighted back to Sunlight Yellow, coming out of each.

In hour five, I highlighted/blended the tentacles from Pale Green up to Sunlight Yellow/Marigold Yellow.  

Grub 4-5 Front

Grub 4-5 Side

Grub 4-5 Rear

Hour 6

This hour, I continued blending/highlighting, taking them to Phoenix Red on the palm of each. I painted the mouth and tongue a mix of Dusky Grape/Antique Rose as a base coat. I base-coated all the hard stabby bits in Walnut brown. Then I washed the mouth with Brown Liner.

Finally, I spent the remainder of the hour trying to get the Phoenix Red to cover up the areas where I slopped Walnut brown while painting the tentacle barbs. Those barbs were more annoying that trying to paint the eyes of a squinting 25mm RP figure. The paint just naturally flowed onto the palms.

Grub 6 Front

Grub 6 Side

Grub 6 Rear


Hours 7, 8, and 9

Hour 7:

I painted the brown bits with a progression from Blackened Brown up to Sandy Tan. Then I spent the rest of the hour trying to cover my mistakes on the tentacles with Phoenix Red (which took just shy of a million coats).

Hour 8:

I painted the compound eyes (shield thingy behind the mandibles). I based this on several different caterpillars, some in my references posted here and some elsewhere. This was the most intense glazing job I've ever done.

1. Over the already painted and highlighted eyes, I glazed in a 2 coats of Sunlight Yellow.
2. Glazed a coat of Sandy Brown (concentrated toward the center dividing line and the edges).
3. Glazed Pale Green.
4. Glazed Sunlight Yellow.
5. Stippled with Sunlight Yellow in the centers.
6. Stippled with Pale Green toward the edges.
7. Stippled with Pure White at the reflection point.
8. Glazed with 2 coats of Pale green.
9. Glazed with Snow Shadow.
10. Glazed with three coats of Snow Shadow concentrated toward the edges and center line.

Hour 9:

1. Painted the base and slime with 4 Stormy Grey/Woodstain Brown, then washed with Brown Liner, and then progressed through Misty Grey.
2. Glazed the slime with Sunlight Yellow.
3. Highlighted the slime with Sunlight Yellow and Linen White.
4. Highlighted the mandibles and teeth with Linen White reflections.
5. Darklined everything with Pine Green/Leaf Green or Brown Liner depending on the area.

Grub 7 Rear


Grub F Side

Grub F Side2

Grub F Front